Welcome to Carrwood Primary

Welcome to Carrwood Primary School – a friendly, safe and fun school to be a part of. That’s why we are so proud of our school and all of the children who come here. Our children develop into confident learners and their introduction to reading, writing and numbers begins in a safe and secure learning environment, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Through play and exploration children are challenged to ‘have a go’ and through the support of the teachers and their fellow pupils they become children who are motivated to learn independently.

We regularly celebrate learning achievements so that your child feels proud of themselves and will be keen to tell you about all the exciting things that they have done each day. The school day is varied and enriched with a variety of learning experiences.

Your child will be welcomed each day with a smile and we aim for every child to leave each day with a happy smile!

School Status

Welcome to Carrwood Primary

We think our school is a very special place.  We teach our children through fun, relevant, meaningful and challenging lessons.  We aim to deliver excellence and equality through a creative curriculum that develops the talents and potential of every child.  We make learning irresistible to our children through a ‘hands on’ experience based approach.  Our staff are enthusiastic and have a passion for making teaching, learning and attainment fun for every child.

We are located on the edge of the Holmewood estate not far from Thornbury, on the border of Leeds and Bradford.  We place a high value on establishing close links between home and school so that we can work effectively together enabling each child to achieve their full potential.

We are part of the challenge partnership which works with other schools from the Bradford authority.  We are a group of schools working together because we believe our schools can gain many benefits from working collaboratively and can achieve more by working together.  We have made a commitment to a shared responsibility to the wider education community, the provision of good quality education and the improvement of life chances for pupils in the community beyond that of our own schools.  Teachers, associate staff, school leaders and Governors have added expertise in working alongside colleagues to improve provision and outcomes for pupils.