At Carrwood Primary school we do a fantastic job at fundraising. Each year our parents and children continually amaze us with their fundraising ideas and generous giving.  Without the help and support from parents we would not be able to donate to so many different charities.

On Friday 17th November we raised £731.40 for ‘Children in Need’ we had a fabulous day raising money.  Children and staff were able to come to school in non-uniform wearing spots, get a temporary tattoo, have their hair braided into a french plait or purchase buns.  In addition to this Pudsey and Blush badges were available and festival style wristbands.  Our children in the Phoenix Centre washed staff cars for £5 per car, there was so much going on.   We would like to say a big ‘Thank you’ for everyone’s hard work in making the day a success.  We really do value and appreciate your support and generous giving.