Senior Leadership Team

Mrs N. Kilvington – Executive Headteacher
Mrs R. Biller – Head of School

Miss Bailey – KS1 Assistant Headteacher
Miss Parry – KS2 Assistant Headteacher

Middle Management

Mrs Latham – SENCO & DSL
Mrs Radcliffe – EYFS, Mrs Hughes Year 1, 2 & 3, Miss Lloyd Year 4, 5 & 6 – Phase Leaders

Early Years Foundation Stage Phase Leader – Mrs Radcliffe

Nursery – Mrs Curran, Mr Cleghorn, Miss Oxford, Miss Littlewood
Reception 1 – Acorns – Mrs Radcliffe, Mrs Allan and Miss Mahmood
Reception 2 – Conkers – Mrs Harris, Mrs Wilcock, Mrs Simmons and Miss Yasin

Petals (Two Year Old Provision)

Mrs Ralph – Manager
Mrs Burbank – Level 3 Child Care Practitioner
Miss Waugh – Level 3 Child Care Practitioner
Mrs McDonagh – Level 3 Child Care Practitioner

YEAR 1, 2 & 3 Phase Leader – Mrs Hughes

Year 1 Garnet – Miss Myers, Miss Bailey, Miss Kirwan
Year 2 Aquamarine – Mrs Hughes, Mrs Nield
Year 2 Diamond – Miss Ramsay, Mrs Stanhope
HLTA – Mrs Heald, Miss Mumbley

Year 3 Emerald – Mr Akhtar, Mr Tafoor
Year 3 Pearl – Miss Lee, Mr Jones, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Iqbal
Year 4 Ruby – Miss Fenwick, Ms Murad
Year 4 Peridot – Mr Glossop, Mrs McMahon
HLTA – Miss Holdcroft

YEAR 4, 5 & 6 Phase Leader – Miss Lloyd

Year 5 Sapphire – Mrs Schofield, Mrs Trout
Year 5 Opal – Miss Kosar, Miss Smith
Year 6 Topaz – Mrs Latham, Miss Parry, Mrs Austerfield and Miss Brewerton
Year 6 Turquoise – Miss Lloyd, Miss Wood
HLTA – Mrs Austerfield
Mrs Wilcock – Music

Phoenix Behaviour Centre

Phoenix Staff

Mrs SellersMrs Gartlan
Mrs FarmerMiss Kitson
Miss WardMiss McGinty
Mr YousafMiss Hirst
Miss MitchellMiss Carr
Mrs Bell

Designated Specialist Provision – Amber Class

Mrs Flanagan Mrs Costin Mr Northin


Associate Staff

Mr Adams – PE Co-ordinator
Mrs Bolton – Lunchtime Supervisor



Miss Mumbley, Mrs Heald, Miss Holdcroft, Mrs Austerfield

Cover Supervisors

Mrs Trout and Miss Brewerton

Learning Mentors

Miss Robinson and Mr Ashraf

SEN – Teaching Assistant

Miss Fawcett

Miss Siree

Mrs Maxwell

Mrs Roberts

Mrs McMahon

Mrs Gilbert

Office Staff

Mrs Watson – School Business Manager
Mrs Gill – Finance Officer
Mrs Murray – Admissions Officer
Mrs Kimberley – Communication, Events and Marketing Manager

Site Management/Cleaners

Mr Garner – Site Manager
Mrs Brown, Mrs Tomlinson, Miss Pearson, Miss Broughton, Miss Woodhead and Miss Ward – Cleaners