Parental Engagement Team – PET

The support and encouragement school receives from parents is vital, we cannot educate and nurture children alone and know that we can benefit by building a genuine partnership with parents and the local community.  We organise regular coffee mornings and craft sessions for parents/carers to work with their children.  Please open the following link with future dates.

PET Coffee Session Dates

Parental participation in school life is essential not only to strengthen school but the children and staff.  Working together has a huge impact on children’s learning, attendance and behaviour.  Throughout the year parents are invited into school for a range of different reasons.  This is to celebrate children’s achievements, help fundraise or find out about helping at home with homework.

School are also able to provide learning opportunities for parents and help to book courses.  If you would like anymore information about events taking place at school or you are interested in attending a course please have a word with a member of our team.

If you would like to praise us at school for something we are doing well, or alternatively have any suggestions or comments about how we can improve please post them in the box located at the main school office.

We also have an email parents can contact us on: [email protected]



Meet the Team:

Miss Parry – Assistant Headteacher – (Behaviour/Pastoral Lead)

Mrs Heald – Pastoral Care Manager

Mrs Kimberley – Communication, Events & Marketing Manager

Miss Mumbley – Attendance Officer