School Council meet on a regular basis to discuss ways in which we could make our school and beyond a better place.  We think that having a school council is very improtant because when we are involved in the decisions made at Carrwood we all have more involvement in our school.

We meet in the Library every week with Miss Ramsay and Miss Kosar and have an agreed agenda to discuss at each meeting.  Minutes are taken at the meeting and a copy is given to Mrs Biller our Head of School and Mrs Kilvington our Executive Head.

A representative from every year group from Reception to Year 6 are present for each meeting and these children feed back to the rest of their class.  There is also a deputy member for each class who attends meetings if the executive is absent.  Each member was voted by their peers for being a responsible, confident role model.

Last year was a fantastic year with many achievements, we raised some wonderful amounts of money for very deserving charities and also collected money for our school funds.  So far this year we have changed the way school council is organised, including involving children from early years in our team.  We have organised a charity day for Children in Need and organised a wonderful Christmas Fair to raise funds for school.

Below are some photographs of our wonderful representatives at a recent meeting, where we interviewed Liz from our school kitchen to discuss our lunchtime menu.