“Working together to safeguard people and services”


Carrwood Primary School is proud to be able to offer Team Teach training to other primary schools in the Bradford Authority.

Team Teach is an accredited, award-winning provider of positive behavioural management training suitable for use throughout the education sector, from early years upwards.

Team Teach is the largest provider of training for mainstream, special, child and increasingly adult services in the UK and provides positive behaviour management strategies to transform challenging situations and behaviours into positive outcomes.

Founded in 1997 by George Matthews, a teacher with 20 years’ experience, Team Teach is on a mission to equip everyone with the tools they need to understand behaviour and manage challenging situations, at work or in daily life, in a positive and respectful manner.

Our strategies equip staff working in primary school environments with the tools they need to understand behaviour, manage challenging situations in the classroom, and minimise serious incidents. It offers different strategies to a range of risk reduction techniques which enable people to work together to safeguard individuals. It supports children and staff where there are specific needs; children may have social, emotional, or behavioural learning needs. There may also be communication and/or medical needs.

We value the importance of respect and positive relationships throughout your school. Our training fosters a culture of support and teamwork, and all strategies are understood in the context of a holistic approach to classroom management which maintains a positive environment. The positive behaviour management strategies that Team Teach develops and promotes emphasise team building, personal safety, communication, and verbal and non-verbal de-escalation techniques for dealing with challenging behaviour which reduce the need for physical intervention. As a last resort, we also teach positive handling techniques to resolve conflicts in ways that are safe, and which provide opportunities for repair and reflection for everyone involved. The benefits can be huge, improving morale, confidence and learning outcomes.

Our courses cover personal safety and positive handling training appropriate for primary education settings. However, the focus is on de-escalation and communication strategies which allow challenging behaviours to be transformed into positive outcomes without physical intervention. Our approach is founded on respect for the dignity of children.

At Carrwood we have two tutors who hold a licence for Bradford with an amazing course record who offer a range of courses suited to your setting needs. We can train a variety of settings, this includes delivering training to; academies, foundation and free schools, supply agency workers, after school club-based charities, volunteers, FE Colleges, specialist teaching schools etc. There is a different structure for parents, so if this is of interest, please contact Team Teach for more information about ‘parent protocols’ and the process. Training can take place at our Covid secure setting or yours depending on group size, space availability and abiding to Covid regulation.


Training Options

Level 1 Positive Behaviour Management (1 day)

Cost: £70 per course participant

Level 2 Positive Behaviour Management (2 days)

Cost: £130 per course participant

Reaccreditation (6 hours)

Cost: £60 per course participant

Please note costings are reviewed annually in September.


If you would like any further information contact Martine Mumbley/Richard Adams at Carrwood Primary School.

Call: 01274 664864

Email: [email protected]

[email protected]



Cancellation Policy

We understand that sometimes there are reasons as to why you may not be able to attend training. Cancellations must be made in writing and emailed to either Martine Mumbley or Richard Adams at Carrwood Primary School.

Cancellation Terms and Conditions for all Team Teach Courses:

Less than 1 week in advance of the course start date – 100% of payment due.

Less than 2 weeks in advance of the course start date – 75% of payment due.

Less than 4 weeks in advance of the course start date – 50% of payment due.