Team Teach – “Working together to safeguard people and services”

There are two tutors who are based at Carrwood Primary School, we are available to offer training to other primary schools in the Bradford Authority.

Team Teach has grown over a number of years and is the largest provider of training for mainstream, special, child and increasingly adult services in the UK. It offers different strategies to a range of risk reduction techniques which enable people to work together to safeguard individuals. It supports children and staff where there are specific needs; children may have emotional, social, behavioural learning, communication and or medical needs.

We offer a 6 hour foundation course suitable for many low risk settings where a physical intervention is not always needed, or a 12 hour basic course for the above but where further support may be required such as a physical intervention.

Training can be completed as full days or in smaller chunks as twilight sessions. Where possible, team teach should be used as a whole school approach however sometimes it is possible to train a small group in the short term and extend the training through to the rest of the staff team for consistency.

If you would like to book training or require further information please contact the school office and ask to speak to Charlotte Kimberley who will be happy to help with your enquiry.