The Phoenix Centre is an alternative short term provision for Reception, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 students across Bradford who find full time mainstream education challenging owing to emotional, behavioural or social difficulties.  Children attend the centre whilst still maintaining links within school (a minimum of 3 sessions).  The aim is to develop social and learning skills and the child’s self-esteem and give young people a positive foundation for the future.  Pupils are with us for approximately 12 weeks, during which teachers use a nurturing approach linked to Literacy led topics.  As many children with emotional and behavioural difficulties experience more difficulties with Literacy than other areas of the curriculum, much of our curriculum is led by child-centred Literacy topics.  These topics are then linked across to Numeracy and other curriculum areas.

Alongside the programme, the Pupil Inclusion Mentors work within school to develop strategies and support in their mainstream environment.

After this programme is complete, a final leaver’s assembly, attended by parents and teachers is held.  Our own Pupil Inclusion Mentors then provide a programme back into school.  Despite working with some of the most challenging children in the authority, many children remain in mainstream education after their time at Phoenix.

Phoenix Centre Staff List:

Unit Manager-Mrs Sellers

Class Teacher-Mrs Tordoff

Behaviour & Inclusion Manager-Miss Kitson

Behaviour Manager-Mrs Gartlan

Pupil Inclusion Mentors-Mrs Bell & Miss Mitchell

Behaviour Mentor-Miss Carr

Behaviour Support Workers-Mrs Farmer, Mr Hamzah, Miss Ward, Miss McGinty & Mr Yousaf