Welcome to Year 3 Emerald!

Our class teacher is Mr Akhtar, and our teaching assistant is Mrs Roberts.

During this half term, we will be writing different types of sentences, facts, quotes, questions and statements.  We will use factual adjectives to write expanded noun phrases and we will be using our neatest cursive handwriting.  We will be improving the fluency of our reading, recognising and understanding new vocabulary in our reading and answering questions about what we have read.  You can help at home by listening to your child read regularly and ensure that your child is practising their weekly spellings.

In Maths, we will be looking at different methods used for multiplication and division.  We will weekly drill different mathematical concepts to help ensure children are continuously consolidating previous knowledge.  It is really important that we know all of our times tables off by heart by the end of year 3 so we will be practising them daily.  This can be supported by you helping your child to learn their times tables at home.

Furthermore, in our curriculum lessons we will be researching about different environments where plants can be found and researching about how different types of atmospheres can affect a plant.  As scientists we will be observing, sorting and describing plants and carrying out fair investigations, learning all about plants and living things.  Please look at our curriculum overview below for more information about how you can help support your child at home.

We are looking forward to having a fantastic year in Pearl this year which will be filled with lots of exciting, engaging and valuable learning so stay posted to find out what else is happening this year!