Miss Lee and Mr Jones both teach our class and our teaching assistant is Mrs Iqbal.

This half term our creative topic is Our Wonderful World and we will be looking in depth at what our world used to be like. We will be concentrating mainly on Dinosaurs, investigating where they lived, what they ate and what our wonderful world looked like when the dinosaurs were roaming free.

Our big creative project this term is to create our own Jurassic Park! So if you have any spare junk modelling equipment we would really appreciate it if you could bring it to school. We will be working with a range of different materials and justifying why we have chosen certain materials.

In literacy we will be compiling reports on our favourite dinosaurs and creating fact files to store all the information we gather. We will be developing our use and understanding of adjectives and using them in our adventure stories. We will be creating our own fiction stories and practicing our editing skills too! We will also get a chance to develop our speaking and listening skills too by reading out our work to others in the class. To work alongside our creative topic we will also  be writing instructions on how to build and create your own Jurassic Park.

Place value and understanding numbers is our big maths focus this term. We will be looking at HTU columns and investigating what each digit represents, we can then use this to help us with our column addition so that we can confidently add and subtract numbers up to 1000. We love times tables in Year 3 and will be working hard to get our names and photographs on the Lower KS2 ‘Sparkle and Shine’ board. We need to know our 3’s and 4’s to get silver and our 6’s and 7’s to get gold! When we know our division facts too we can move on to Platinum!