Welcome to Year 6 Topaz!

Our class teacher is Miss Kosar we also have a trainee teacher in class Mr Stanier.

Our topic this half term is:


As Readers and Writers we will be investigating the features of well written suspense in our class text ‘Carrie’s War’.  Researching and creating informative and well-structured Non Chronological Reports, and writing persuasively.  We will complete comprehension work, extracting information from a range of different texts and revising spelling and punctuation rules to improve our writing in preparation for SATs.

In Maths we will be investigating and understanding the value of digits and place value.  Converting between measures, focusing especially on calculations with money and using the 12 and 24 hour clock to calculate periods of time.  We are still making sure that our arithmetic skills are working well by having weekly arithmetic tests and times tables.

For more details about the exciting things we are learning this half term please download our curriculum overview at the bottom of the page.

Year 6 is a very important year and we are counting down to our SATs tests in May already so keep working hard both at home and at school.  Here are some key tips to remember when you take your SATs:

  • Stay calm and don’t rush
  • Make sure you are prepared
  • Read all questions carefully
  • If you finish and have time left, don’t forget to re-read your answers
  • Make sure you get plenty of sleep and rest – have early nights in preparation
  • Eat well and have a good breakfast
  • Make sure you do lots of revision