Very occasionally schools need to close due to heavy snow.  Any decision to close will not be taken lightly and will have taken into account the safety of staff and pupils travelling to school, public transport and the condition of the school site.  If school were to close the following procedures would occur:

  • A text will be sent to all parents via our messaging service teachers2parents (please ensure we have the most current and up to date contact details for you)
  • Bradford Schools Online will be updated – School closures can be viewed under the tab ‘Closed Schools’
  • Local radio stations will make announcements – Pulse Radio Bradford and BBC Radio Leeds

When school closes we appreciate how inconvenient and difficult this is for families and how disruptive it is for pupils learning.  Our primary concern has to be the safety of all our pupils and staff.  If no closure message on BSO website, announcement on radio or text message sent from school, we will remain open as normal.