We as a school enjoy our holidays! The government tells us as a school that we must tell our parents to take holidays within these dates.

If this cannot be done, you must seek permission from school to take absence during the school term by completing and returning an ‘Application For Leave of Absence From School’ to the office. This is also available to download at the bottom of the page.

Please note, if a leave of absence which is unauthorised is taken, a penalty notice may be issued. Please refer to the ‘Application For Leave of Absence From School’ about details on how to apply for term time absence and the penalties that may occur if unauthorised.


Please find below the holiday schedule for 2018/2019


Holiday Schedule 2018-2019

Autumn Term:

School Closes: Thursday 20th December 2018

Spring Term:

School Re-opens: Thursday 3rd January 2019

School Closes: Friday 15th February 2019

School Re-opens: Monday 25th February 2019

School Closes: Friday 12th April 2019

Summer Term:

School Re-opens: Monday 29th April 2019

School Closed: Monday 6th May 2019 (Bank Holiday)

School Closes: Friday 24th May 2019

School Re-opens: Monday 10th June 2019

School Closes: Friday 19th July 2019


Please find below the holiday schedule for 2019/2020


Holiday Schedule 2019-2020

Autumn Term:

School Re-opens: Monday 2nd September 2019

School Closes: Friday 25th October 2019

School Re-opens: Monday 4th November 2019

School Closes: Friday 20th December 2019

Spring Term:

School Re-opens: Monday 6th January 2020

School Closes: Friday 14th February 2020

School Re-opens: Monday 24th February 2020

School Closes: Friday 3rd April 2020

Summer Term:

School Re-opens: Monday 20th April 2020

School Closed: Monday 4th May 2020 (Bank Holiday)

School Closes: Friday 22nd May 2020

School Re-opens: Monday 8th June 2020

School Closes: Monday 20th July 2020